Jon Olsson G wagen cutoff DTMobility

Building an Olsson car is always a challenge. After we did the background work on the previous Rolls Royce we were asked in collaboration with Absolute Motors to built Lord Hans the G-Wagon. At the introduction it was the extra brutal version off the Brabus Adventure. Altough it was just the beginning of the project…..



Technical details

2017 G 500 4×4(2) 800Bhp by DTMobility.

Hybrid Turbo upgrade custom DTM

Modified Intake system

Decatted downpipes

Akrapovic Evolution G500 Exhaust

Upgrade spark plugs

Engine control unit calibration Stage 3 DTM with Crackle

Upgraded cooling system

Upgraded HPFP

Upgraded isolation


Cosmetic details

Chopped off roof

Teak wood boat deck

Lowered front windscreen

Custom Carwrap

Modified interior (lowered)

Absolute Performance Bullbar

Ramsey winch

Hood rack

Lightened bull bar

Minibar Skully – Gin

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