DSG Double Clutch Gearbox

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Fully automated gear changes in hundredth of a second without hampering the tractive power, increased acceleration and faster laptimes, those are the most important features of the now available DSG. Selecting the three driving modes (D-rive, S-port, M-annual) is done by using the shift lever in the center console. Switched in the manual mode, gears can be changed with the CNC machined shift paddles attached to the steering wheel. This enables the driver to keep his hands on the steering wheel all the time and makes it easier controlling the car on the limit. Fits all KTM X-BOW models. Cars before model year 2016 and GT models need to be retrofitted with the racing wiring harness. DSG is only available for "Serial Data Version" (300 hp). Thanks to an amended software, the gear indicator is integrated in the current KTM X-BOW display. Installation must be carried out by the KTM X-BOW factory or by selected service partners only



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Complete kit voor het uitrusten van uw KTM X-Bow naar de standaard DSG Setup.

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De prijs is exclusief montage en evt. extra upgrades voor het versterken van de DSG, zoals een verbeterde koppeling set en/of uitgebreider sperdifferentieel.